That’s Joe™ - is what ?? 

All about gettin’ your head in the game. 

Drop the lame, the shame, the maim... get in the Game.

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You won’t find any ‘new age - the secret’ airy talk here. 

This is old-fashioned straight gunslinger and guts talk... and sometimes it appears rude - because it is. 

Now-a-days too many have gone soft, blame everyone but themselves, want the ‘quick-rich’ pill, or have just plain gone nasty negative, given up. 

It is still darn good being here - this planet!

What I’m offering here, is a KICK IN THE PANTS... with one promise - this good kick, is no different than the one I gave myself to get livin’ off the street with my 3 year old son.  Zach is now 17 (in 2012 - has discovered girls, oye!)  The taste in my mouth of our homeless days are never far behind... maybe to help me remember how lucky we are, our connection... my son and I are best of friends, still having father and son weekends, working together, traveling, and having father and son fun. 

At 3, Zach said to me, “Dad, you are the only one who let’s me have my own thinking.”  Now at 17, he says, “Dad, you still let me have my own thinking, and a few good friends.”

That’s living !  Allowing another soul you share life with, to be their own person, and even more, to encourage it !

I hope you find our true, come-back story of getting off the street and beating great odds, inspiring. 

Is there more to this gypsy stew ??  You betcha !


That’s Joe™ Notes:

First arse-kickin’ right here, right now... you MUST Know, you are the most powerful force in your own life... feel it in your guts, just go for it, today !

Because it will change, time can run out - just like that !

Choose to LIVE!

Check out a few of our father and son life adventures, books, eco-business, radicalness, spoken word albums

Spoken world album:

Joe Slam, Project Man ~ the Apocalypse, Book 1

Listen to this new, groundbreaking, entire 28 track album. “Prepare to embark !”  Enjoy.

Described as, “Harry Potter meets the Lion King in Narnia”

This is the world’s first book written by a father and illustrated by the son.

Read the entire adventure online.  Or, listen to the entire 8 hour audio book, with full sound effects. 

Ah, great bedtime fun!  Enjoy. 

The MotherShip 

The 5 Cent Pop Can Plan starts, from a Promise between a father and a son. 

For eco-stylists and chemically-concerned salons. 

√   the very first book, you might cry... it’s OK to cry. 

√   the early days, rough, honest, raw

WARNING:  Arse-kickin’ writing entitled, IDIOT 101. 

Prepare to be offended or enlightened. 

** NOT for the faint of heart.

Genuinely, Joseph

Cowichan Bay, B.C. 

Vancouver Island   The Planet Earth

© 2012

That’s Joe™

If you don’t give a shite, a crap, a dainty, bloody care ‘bout the world - this Planet - your world, Earth - then you are already one dead 
son-of-a XXXX
the hell with you !

That’s Joe.


That’s Joe™

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